acetic acid glacial  99%

Quick Details

  • Classification: Glacial Acetic Acid
  • CAS No.: 64-19-7
  • Other Names: Ethanoic Acid
  • MF: C2H4O2
  • EINECS No.: 200-580-7
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
  • Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade
  • Purity: 99.8%
  • Appearance: Colourless Transparent liquid
  • Application: plastic, rubber and printing
  • Brand Name: QJ
  • Model Number: Glacial Acetic Acid
  • Keywords: ethanoic acid 99%
  • Certificate: BV/SGS/ISO
  • Boiling Point( C): 117.9
  • HS Code: 2915110000
  • Melting point: 16.6
  • Molecular weight: 60.05
  • Density: 1.22
  • Sample: Available
  • Experience: 3 Years
  • Dangerous goods class: 8

Product Description


Product name: glacial acetic acid food grade(GAA)

Molecular formula: CH3COOH
colourless transparent liquid; Pungent odor,miscible with water,alcohol,ether and carbon tetrachloride; insoluble in carbon disulfide
Hazard Class  :
Density: 1.04928
Melting Point:16.665±0.002
Boiling Point:117.9
Viscosity: 1.22
Flash Point: 43
Refraction Index: 1.3715
Firing Point: 465
Explosion Rate: 4%-16%

acetic acid glacial price for sale

It’s one of the most important organic material. It is mainly used in manufacturing of vinyl acetate, acetic anhydride, diketen, acetic ester, acetate, ethyl cellulose, and chloro acetic acid. It can also be used in the field of synthetic fiber, binding agent, pharmacy, fertilizer and dyeing raw material, and in the field of plastic, rubber and printing as soluant.

Packaging & Shipping

Package and transportation: 
This product should be packed into special stainless steel or aluminum tanker and stainless steel pot. It is also packed into jerrican. 25kg/30kg/225kg/1000kg drum.

Store in a cool place and out of direct sunlight. Store in well-ventilated area. Store away from combustible material such as alkali substances and food stuffs. Store away from source of heat. Keep dry-reacts with water. Ensure that pallets are clean and free from grease, keep containers closed at all times-check regularly for spills. Do not return spilled material to original container.

acetic acid glacial price for sale
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Technical grade:

Property Value Units Test Method
Appearance Clear Visual
Color(APHA),Pt-Co 10 Max ASTM E302
Acetic Acid 99.8 Min WT% ASTM
Formic Acid 0.05 Max WT% AWTM D3546
Acetaldhyde 0.05 Max WT% ASTM D2191
Water 0.15 Max WT% ASTM E302
Residue after evaporation 0.01 Max WT% ASTM
Iron 1 Max ppm ASTM E394
Pb 0.5 Max ppm ASTM
Sulfates 1 Max ppm ASTM
Chlorides 1 Max ppm ASTM
Density(4oC-20oC) 1.042-1.058 g/cm3 ASTM
Freezing Point 16.3-16.6 oC ASTM E302
Permanganate time 2 Hours ASTM

Food grade:


Food Grade

Clacial Acetic Acid ,%




Heavy Metals (Pb) ,w/%

0.000 2% max

Arsenic (As) ,w/%

0.000 1% max

Residue on evaporation ,%